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Brave Green World | Constituion


Brave Green World is an organisation to coordinate the efforts, expertise and experience of the People of the World to bring about new sustainable systems that are in harmony…

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Brave Green World | Green Charter

Green Charter

We are one with all life, earth, water and air. Anything which affects someone or something else affects me and is my responsibility. No one and nothing is expendable…

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Brave Green World | Get Involved

Get Involved

Organisers, Researches, Communicators, Procurers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists, PR Officers and Writers, Film professionals, teachers, presenters…

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A World Where:


Brave Green World | Food

Healthy food for everyone with no toxins, no genetic
modification, no dangerous additives, no nutrients
taken out.


Brave Green World | Water

Water that is safe to drink. Rehabilitation of water catchment areas. Prevention of fracking or contamination of any water supplies by acid mine drainage, nuclear waste or other chemicals. Restoration of our dry land using the “Green Gold” method as shown in the film by John Liu, decontaminate our aquifers and groundwater. Replumb the entire country so that drinking water is not used for sewerage and waste and 40% is not lost through leaking and burst pipes.


Brave Green World | Energy

Free clean renewable energy produced locally countrywide. Not from coal, oil, nuclear, biofuel.


Brave Green World | Recycle

A whole new eco-economic system which creates no waste. Everything produced is the cradle to grave responsibility of the producer to reuse, recycle or make into a healthy resource for another species.


Brave Green World | Wildlife Conservation

High tech protection and restoration of our wildlife and creation of extremely large terrestrial and marine reserves. Restoration of the old migratory routes Reforest the whole country wherever possible with indigenous trees


Brave Green World | Fish

End of trawling, long line, and trap fishing. Very intense monitoring and control of any fishing activity or any dumping into the oceans by any country.


Brave Green World | Chemicals

Replacement of most chemicals with the natural equivalent. 80% of all chemicals eventually end up in the sea and have created over 400 black “holes” where nothing can live.


Brave Green World | Education

Free schooling and university over the air supported by digital books, internet and field trips using the best teachers and the best electronic equipment and hands-on experience.

Complete adherence to the green charter.

Establishment of Environmental law courts and a legal system which is independent of government control in any way and which has enforceable jurisdiction over the government.

Decentralisation of administration but subject to the green charter ideals.

The eco-economy is based on love of each other, love of all species, love of our planet. Noone and nothing is expendable.

Even criminals are a result of what has happened to them and it is their responsibility and ours to bring about such different circumstances that they use their often considerable abilities to help save the planet instead of to hurt us.

Select which field you would like to work in and whether you would like to do:

Action, research, communication, administration depending on your health and skills. There is something everyone can do no matter how old, young or disabled, no matter where you live.

All ages. All nationalities can Register. All registered brave green world citizens can introduce new ideas for us all to discuss and choose whether to carry out as long as all ideas are in harmony with nature and the green charter.

Use the site to make your good ideas into a reality about helping a group of people or animals who are in trouble, about saving the planet, restoring an ecosystem or improving the lives of any person, animal, plant or ecosystem. Add your suggestions to existing ideas. Let us hone and adopt an ever increasing number of excellent practices to save our planet and our people.

All help given to the activities of Brave Green World will be recorded in ecos where one eco = one hour of time working on any of our projects. As time goes on the system will give you an increasing number of perks to thank you for adding your time into enabling Nature to take up her natural abundance again.

Best of all will be watching ecosystems recover, wrongs being righted, not having to live with the guilt of knowing that your life is at the expense of the suffering of other people, animals or species, finding out what an incredible species we can be when we work together for a magnificent goal – a future in harmony with nature for us and generations to come -an abundant planet functioning as nature intended.

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